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By                    "Skilled is what I am, FAITH is what i have"



Class will be held on


Color Klash / Bob Kut Brand

$100.00 investment





*** we will engage in Professionalism, Color Preparation,  Application, After Color Care, Technique, Breakage Prevention, Color Volumes, Free Hand and Precision Cutting Technique

Let's Talk :

Question & Answers  

Only 15 spaces available

Classes must be Pre-Paid

Classes to be announced :

     Look & Learn

        2 Models


Cut : $75.00 per person

Color : $90.00 per person


   Hands on classes

Cutting Techniques

$100.00 per person

includes 1 Mannequin Head 


Coloring Techniques

$150.00 per person

includes 1 Mannequin Head, 2 Color Lines



Group class packages

$50.00 off (requires 6 participants)


Hands on classes 

**Tools to bring: Combs, Shears, Razors, Edgers, Blow Dryer, Blow Dryer Brush or Comb, Allpurpose/ Cutting and Tail Combs, Towels, Clippers, Flat Irons (mini and 1 &1 1/2in), Hair Spray , Sheen, Foils, Color Bowls , Color Brushes, Color Applicator, Hair Clips, Gloves, Shampoo and Cutting Capes


Free lance Learning Sessions...(This is not a beginners class)

**Participants have the options of learning individual techinques in cutting and coloring as we all learn together. I will be providing detailed instructions and step by step preparations.


**Cutting Techniques is a class that will teach you variations of cutting precision using shears and razors, not the fundamentals of cutting. 


**Color Techniques is a class that will teach you variations of color applications to achieve Bold , Subtle, Accented , Double Proccessed and Creative Looks.


Classes and techniques are subject to change from month to month 

(will travel to Salons Location)


**Dependending on location, additional travel expenses will be added 


Questions about classes please email or contact: 



Classes must be Pre-Paid




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